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In a field there stands a tree, tall and black and dead - but very much alive. On top of the tree, sits a Raven. They are singing and calling and looking directly down .. at what I presume to be myself.


The song echoes through my ears, my bones, picking its way through me until it finds what it’s looking for. My whole body goes cold, then fire.

Suddenly, I am looking down, not up. I have come home. .... My ears open to a call, my eyes open to a black stare. A raven sits on the banister, seeing directly into dreams.

    ●                                                                                                                                           ●                                            ●

SJÁ is an on-going, episodic, multi-disciplinary project that explores human perceptions and realities. Taking its name from Old Norse, SJÁ literally translates into “to see.” The project formalizes a collaboration with Evan Meyer, since 2017 the two have been creating “sonic fingerprints."

Using site specific interventions, a live score by Meyer and rituals to invoke the Raven the two make visible a shadowy world that is hypnotic, uncanny and cryptic. A world that exists directly within our sight.

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