What lies on the dark side of the Moon? Why does the smell of lavender raise the Dead? What was that light running through the woods? What does the Raven say? Magick, Queerness, Shamanism, Nordic Mythology and the Shadow are the cairns that mark my path.


My process examines the unknown, the sensed but not yet recognized, knowledge buried in the psyche. My work comes from witnessing fleeting moments where the veil thins, time blurs and internal mysteries are revealed. Through ritual, site specific installation, sculpture, interactive performance and experimental film practices, I seek to reveal a realm where all darkness is alive and beautiful. 


My drawings are rituals in themselves — constantly evolving through years of exploration until the lines pierce the threshold and the moment of apparition occurs. Over time, these rituals have expanded and served as the modus operandi, assisting the narrative structure for the entirety of my work. Materials are found, coveted and transformed through various alchemic processes — creating a shift in the way that they interact with reality, and vice versa.


These explorations have led me to SJÁ, an on-going episodic multi-disciplinary collaborative project that explores the various ways in which we see and experience reality. Taking it’s name from Old Norse and literally translating to “sight” - the project wraps itself in ancient myths and archetypes. Nordic Mythologies and shared Raven stories have helped create a framework to reawaken the senses and connections to myth, magick and ourselves.


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